Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have You Paid Your Traffic Tickets? Sucker!

Being the goody-two shoes that I am, I tend to get pretty indignant when people who do things they are not "supposed" to do get away with it.  I know, this puts me in real danger of becoming one of those old ladies who hits people with her cane, but it just pisses me off that I follow all ( well, most... usually...) of the rules and people who flout them get a break!  Here's what's happening-

Beginning January 1st of next year, those of you with unpaid traffic tickets that were issued before January 1st of 2009 will be given a 6 month window of amnesty during which half your debt will be forgiven as long as you are willing cough up the other half.  At the moment this amnesty only applies for people who haven't paid anything - not one cent - of the initial fine, while anyone who has paid any portion must pay off their entire debt.  Stupid, right? And unfair.  L A County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky thought so too and on Tuesday the Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to urge the California Judicial Council's Administrative Office of the  Court to amend the law to include those who have already paid part of their initial fines.We'll see what happens.

The cynic in me - can you be a goody-two-shoes and a cynic? - doubts that the amnesty will be widened. Why? Because  people who have made some payment are already in the books. It's easier to find them and  get them to pay full price. Full payment = more in the city coffers and isn't that what the amnesty program is all about?  But there's a larger question and I'm sure you are already asking it. Why should anyone be given a break on their tickets? If you get a ticket today you won't get a break - you will be expected to pay the entire thing. Is this fair? And what is the message the city sends by having an amnesty program at all?  We need money so  - a wink and a nudge - just give us half, all is forgiven, and try not to kill anyone the next time you make an illegal U-turn? What do you think?

Drive safely.


  1. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who feel like they'll never be able to pay their ticket. It doubles and triples so fast that it soon becomes too overwhelming. At least this gives them a chance to pay something they probably had no intention of paying. In the city's eyes, I'm sure they thought it was half or nothing.

    In other news, I found out this summer that the police have never enforced paying for those photo tickets you may get at an intersection. They had a deal with a company in Arizona that sends out the notices and maintains the cameras however the police have never enforced payment. So feel free to just drive wildly through those camera intersections. Nothing to fear (monetarily)

  2. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I am so disappointed when people choose easy/lazy over consistency. I guess this is the bureaucratic form of efficiency.

    I like your suggestion re: trying not to kill anyone. Too many people are rushing during this holiday season. I do not want to witness car vs. pedestrian collisions either.


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