Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Los Angeles Expands Recycling Program

I'm back - not with something glamorous I admit, but important none the less. Beginning today the city is expanding its curb-side recycling program to include milk cartons, juice boxes - basically anything that looks like this:

or this

or this

The inclusion of cartons is expected to divert as much as 430 tons - TONS - of waste from landfills.  Now, let's be honest here.  We should not be using these wasteful things anyway. But they are so damn convenient I admit I use them and you know you do too.  So, two things.  Grab your family a few re-usable bottles like these, think about making and freezing your own stock ( I know, I know but it is a nice idea isn't it? I think I actually did this once) and remember that you can now recycle cartons. 

Click here for the LA Times article on the new items to be recycled, and here for the Dept. of Sanitation so you can refresh your memory about what, exactly, goes in the big blue can.

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