Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LA Sparks

The Los Angeles Sparks mark the 15th anniversary of the first WNBA game with ticket prices for TONIGHT's  7 p.m. game vs. the New York Liberty rolled back to 1997 figures. That means $20 for great seats and $7.50 for seats that are still pretty good.  Tonight's game features a commemorative poster give-away. 

There are so many reasons to take your kids to a Sparks game. First and for most, obviously,  is the outstanding athleticism on view - out of the 6 games played so far this season we have had just a single loss.  Secondly, tickets to Sparks games are more affordable then most other professional athletic events.   The games are fun (there are special events like the upcoming gospel night on Sunday, August 7th when the 5:30 game against Washington will be followed by a concert*)  the crowds tend to be smaller and a little less, um, wild shall we say.  Smaller crowds means that parking is easier, lines for concessions are shorter and good seats are easier to find.   And, frankly, if your family enjoys sports,  I think it's simply good parenting to take your daughters and your sons to professional women's sporting events. You don't have to talk about it, no Title 9 lecture needed, no big deal.  Just show up and cheer for the home team, no matter their gender.  Because the WNBA is 15 years old and going strong. And that, sports fans, is a win.

It's here for the Sparks website.

* The current Sparks website is giving 2 different dates for gospel night. I called to check and was told it's August 7th so ignore the crawl that says it's July 17th.

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