Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Very Best Children's Books ON SALE

Don't miss Barefoot Books     post Thanksgiving sale. Everything on the site is %20 off through midnight, Nov 29th.  Plus - if you spend $60 or more you get free shipping.

Mulit-Award winning Barefoot Books has something for everyone.  From colorful board books for  babies to beautiful collections of stories from around the world for older children (and adults) the company makes some of the best books on my boys' shelves.   

Barefoot has a huge selection of books with story cds (don't miss my favorite, Huge Lupton) to listen to in the car or before bed on those nights you are just too tired too read. And here's a former teacher's tip - you can use Children's books to help your older child.  Got somebody working on The Odyssey (and maybe struggling a little?)

Barefoot has a FANTASTIC book and CD set that's great for the whole family to listen to (maybe in the car?) AND help your child get the groundwork for the study of the harder text.

Do you have a beginning Spanish student  and a younger child at home? Barefoot has a big selection of Spanish books that the beginning Spanish student can read to the younger sibling and nobody has to know how smart mom is.

But little tricks aside - when it come right down to it you need to know about this small, independent. woman-owned Barefoot Books simply because they make the most beautiful children's books available.  Click here to browse some of my favorites, then enjoy the rest of the web site.  You can find free craft downloads here too, to go with your new books.  The SALE runs through tomorrow night. Free shipping for orders over $60.

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