Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day - Water

Today is blog action day, a day when bloggers all over the world post about the same issue.  This year the topic is water.  The numbers are staggering - nearly 38,000 children die every week due to unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions - it takes 24 liters of water to produce just one hamburger -  many of the world's conflicts are due, in part, to the struggle for access to water - the average person uses 465 liters of water a day.  It's enough to make you want to stop reading right now, isn't it?  What can you do about any of it?  Well, let's try something together .

Click on the link and be taken to H2O Conserve, an easy, kinda' fun calculator of your water use.  Go ahead, it only takes a few minutes. I'll wait. Come back when you're done.

Finished? How about that, huh? I'll be honest - I was a little smug when I started.  Bearing in mind that my family of 4 lives in a small (1600 sq ft) house with 1.5 bathrooms, 2 low flow toilets, and super energy efficient, front loading (and slightly pain-in-the-ass) European appliances.   Plus, I often drive a Prius ( though I also drive a gas guzzling wagon), recycle everything possible and I and one of my kids is a vegetarian.  I thought I had this thing beat.  Well, my average use is 832.28 gallons PER DAY! WHAT!!!??? What did you get?

Now, my dear readers, this is not a guilt trip.  But let's wake up. Water - its availability, cleanliness, use, packaging, treatment, its connection to the health of children, families, whole countries, is an issue that affects all of us all the time.  Clean, accessible, abundant water is a gift.  And like all the best gifts - health, children,  friendship, love it's one we must cherish and one for which we must take responsibility.

So - 2 things.  Take a look at the water footprint calculator (be honest!) and then commit to a change.  And, if you want to take some stronger action, my LA readers can start right here at home this weekend.

Heal the Bay has a nothing but the sand beach clean up going in Venice tomorrow from 10-12.  Click the link for full details.

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