Thursday, September 2, 2010

History Walk 2010

 San Gabriel Mission

Saturday, September 4th, you can honor the 229th anniversary of the official founding of Los Angeles by retracing the steps of the 44 families that founded El Pueblo la Reina de Los Angeles (City of the Queen of the Angels).  The History Walk is presented by Los Pobladores 200, an ancestrial heritage association whose members are the descendants of the original settlers. The walk begins at 6am ( I know, it's early but it's cool) at The San Gabriel Mission and ends about 9 miles later at Olvera Street where a Los Angeles Birthday celebration will be in full swing in the Old Plaza.  The web-site assures that the grade is slightly downhill and takes about 3 hours.  There will be vans cruising the route with band-aids and water. Parking is available in  the San Gabriel Mission lot, you can have someone pick you up at Olvera Street or see the directions for how to take the bus back to the Mission on the walk's website here.

Olvera Street

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