Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Hiatus

Dear Readers - A Driveable Feast is going on hiatus. I'm not sure for how long but I will let you know when I know.  In the meantime I want to thank you for these 3 years (!) I have loved writing for you, reading your comments, listening to stories of things you and your family have done or read or watched or learned more about after first discovering them here.   Thank you for sharing yourselves with me and lovingly accepting the parts of myself I have been privileged to share with you.

I leave you, for the moment, with some interesting news.  This week,  Governor Brown appointed Juan Felipe Herrera as the next poet laureate for the State of California. Herrera is a poet, an artist and a professor of creative writing at UC Riverside. He is the author of 28 books including several for children.

You can, and I hope you will, find his website here.

I Am Merely Posing for a Photograph

By Juan Felipe Herrera
I am merely posing for a photograph.
Remember, when the Nomenclature
stops you, tell them that—“Sirs, he was posing
for my camera, that is all.” . . . yes, that may just work.

My eyes:
clear, hazel like my father’s, gaze across the sea, my hands at my side, my   
legs spread apart in the wet sands, my pants crumpled, torn, withered, my   
shirt in rags, see-through in places, no buttons, what a luxury, buttons, I   
laugh a little, my tongue slips and licks itself, almost, I laugh, licks itself   
from side to side, the corners of my mouth, if only I could talk like I used   
to, giggle under moonlight, to myself, my arms destitute, shrunken, I   
hadn’t noticed, after so many years sifting through rubble stars, rubble toys,   
rubble crosses, after so many decades beseeching rubble breasts—pretend I   
came to swim, I am here by accident,

like you.

My face to one side.
Listen to gray-white bells of rubble, the list
goes on—the bones, hearts, puffed intestines,
stoned genitalia, teeth, again I forget how
to piece all this together, scraps, so many scraps,
lines and holes.

The white gray rubble light blinds me,
wait, I just thought—what if this is not visible,
what if all this is not visible.

Listen here, closely:
I am speaking of the amber thighs
still spilling nectar on the dust fleece across Gaza,
the mountains, the spliced wombs across Israel, Syria.

The amber serums cut across all boundaries,
they smell incense, bread, honey—the color
of my mother’s hands, her flesh, the shrapnel is the same color
the propellers churn.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Weekend Feast For March 9th - 11th

Some fun ways to be outside under a still nearly full moon this weekend-

The Los Angeles chapter of the Sierra Club hosts a full moon hike Friday night, March 9th in Griffith Park.  Hikers in proper foot wear can meet at the upper end of the Merry-Go-Round parking lot at 6:50. Bring an item for the pot-luck table - something to eat or drink that you would like to share.  The hike is about 4.5 miles and ends around 9:30.  And do check out the Sierra Club website for information about all their local activities.

The Midnight Ridazz are a bicycle riding group and unofficial advocacy organization and though you may think so upon first visiting the link,  they are not actually a gang - just ignore the slightly menacing skull face thing on their website. The Ridazzz have several rides going this weekend.  The group has a commitment to safety, courtesy and fun (unlike the bicyclist on PCH who spit on my car when I didn't stop exactly where he thought I should) and we need cool headed, safety-minded, energized bike enthusiasts like Midnight Ridazz to help make this city more bike friendly. Check them out here.

Have you been following the LACMA-bound transport of the bolder that's a part of Micheal Heizer's Levitated Mass?  See it arrive at the museum Saturday morning, sometime between 2am and 6am. I know that sounds crazy but if you are up and out already what a cool way to end the night. You can follow location updates on @LACMAonTwitter and click here for a handy guide to the show, including where to park, best viewing and where the waffles and other food trucks will be found.

Free Art-Themed Fun For Kids Alert! 

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park # 79, 1975; oil on canvas

I am really looking forward to seeing Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series down at The Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach.  This weekend would be a great time to do it as the second Sunday of every month is Free Second Sunday. Not only is admission free but there are special activities scheduled from 11am - 4pm.  Newport Beach is about an hour south, straight down the 405 and then over some lovely hills until you get a stunning view of the ocean. The cresting of the hill alone is worth it (hum, I kind of like that as a potential new personal motto - I am looking for one since I gave up "What now?") I can feel what you are thinking when you hear Orange County but come on, it's not that long a drive!

 photo courtesy of Tomatomania webpage

Now let's say you've made the drive to Orange County to see the Diebenkorn show and you are a gardener and you feel spring in your soul and you've begun to dream about tomatoes.  Well before you head north on the 405 make a stop at Tomatomania! in Corona Del Mar.  Roger's Gardens kicks off the tomato tour (who knew?) by featuring more than 150 varieties of tomato seeds for sale at this huge event. Ask lots of questions of the knowledgeable staff and learn what will grow best in your garden.  Tomatomania begins Friday at 9am and runs through Sunday at 4pm. Details and directions are here and the Tomatomania homepage can give you information about upcoming stops on the tour.

The Los Angeles Animation Festival kicked off Wednesday night, events run through Sunday.  Remember that animation does not necessarily equal kid-friendly so read toon descriptions carefully before buying tickets.  Events that you know you can take your kids to include the family matinee screening of Iron Giant Saturday at noon ( tickets are $8) as well as the gala screening of Shrek Sunday afternoon at 2pm and the wonderful A Cat In Paris  Sunday at 4pm.  A Cat in Paris is in frenchand I'm not sure if there are subtitles.  Kids hate subtitles anyway and you trying to read them in a whisper will drive you crazy so it might be better if there aren't any, but the dialogue is really secondary anyway. You can watch the trailer here. Festival information and tickets are here.

For those on the westside who would like to take the family to a classic film,  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is playing at Santa Monica's Aero theatre at 4pm Saturday afternoon. 

One more thing. Don't you love Roger Vivier? The shoes, the bags.  I'm a sensible girl and I don't spend much time feeling covetous but I am a sucker for the truly fabulous and Vivier is it.   Here's a little game you can play with the colorful shoes of the season.

It's like "Simon." Remember that? Where you match the pattern of colored lights the machine makes? It's like that, only with shoes! I could do it all weekend... xoxo

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekend Feast For March 2nd - 4th

 Hello Dear Readers - I apologize for the lack of fresh posts this week. I was in Florida over the weekend doing my 1st half-marathon - The Disney Princess half-marathon at Disney World! It was incredible, one of the most fun, most difficult, most self-imposed limitation smashing events of my life.  My legs are almost recovered - I took my first walk yesterday - but my spirit never will recover and I don't want it too. I have been shattered as only a few things in life can shatter you; love, babies, death, sudden loss or making (not having, making) a dream come true.  I will never, spirit willing, be the same and in the name of continuing to shatter self-imposed limits I am bringing all kinds of new things into my life. I'll keep you posted.

For you and your family this first weekend in March offers all kinds of fun. 

Tonight  (Friday) at the Santa Monica Community College John Drescher Planetarium you can view Jupiter and the Moon (sounds like a band.) Begin in the planetarium itself to know what to look at and for then step to the telescopes and feast your eyes on giant Jupiter and the waxing moon. The show starts at 7pm tickets are $5 for kids 12 and under, $6 for adults.  It's here for details.

On Saturday you can continue exploring planets as Disney Concert Hall's Toyota Symphony for Youth presents The Planets by Gustav Holst.  The Symphony for Youth programs are such fun. The morning begins at 10am with pre-concert activities including art, dance and story workshops and an instrument "petting zoo." The concert starts at 11am. It's here for tickets and details.

 Kid friendly music continues Sunday night at Disney Hall as the L A Children's Chorus performs  a concert featuring music inspired by the work of Shakespeare.  Music includes Prokofiev's "Suite from Romeo and Juiliet" and a piece whose name is guaranteed to make your kids laugh - "Where the Bee Sucks" by Robert Johnson. The name comes from The Tempest as Ariel sings "Where the bee sucks there suck I,  in a cowslips bell I lie." 

This is a cowslip, of course. The English countryside will be awash with them in a month or so.  Can't you just see the tiny faeries lying in their soft yellow bells? 

The LA Children's Chorus concert begins Sunday night at 7:30 pm. Tickets and complete Disney Hall information is available here

Pacific Standard Time focuses on Downtown and Echo Park this weekend ( it's here for the PST guide to the weekend)  and the Food trucks will be in attendance at The Pasadena Museum of California Art for Art as Appetizer Saturday afternoon from noon to 4pm. 

The pool at The Getty Villa, Malibu

Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2pm The Getty Villa presents Art Odyssey, an interactive Children's art program. Families take a guided tour with several fun stops requiring family team-work along the way. Tickets ( always free)  are available for this weekend - it's here for details on this program and how to get yours.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Weekend Feast For February 24th - 26th

This weekend Pacific Standard Time focuses on Santa Barbara. Special events are happening all around that lovely little town just 90 minutes up the coast.

Why not drive up Sunday morning and head straight to the community celebration ( 1pm - 4pm) at The Santa Barbara Museum of Art? Enjoy food, drinks, live music and exhibition inspired art activities. Then head indoors to view Pasadena to Santa Barbara, now through May 6th.  Take a look around the entire museum while you are there, venturing beyond the Pacific Standard Time show. The museum is really lovely. Though small, every show I have seen there has been terrific. They put on some particularly interesting photography exhibits ( I loved 2010's Chaotic Harmony: contemporary Korean Photography.) If you go,  don't miss Publicly Private: Enrico Natali and Doug Rickard, on now through April 22nd.

Closer to home ( and on Saturday) it's your chance to see everything the talented kids of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts have been doing.  More than 30 live performances, art exhibits, debut film screenings and workshops will be offered.  Things kick off at 3pm with scenes from "Hairspray" and end at 11pm after a full scale production of the "Odyssey."  See some or see it all, everything happens at the Los Angeles Theater Center, 514 S. Spring St, downtown.  Tickets are required ( $15 general admission)   Details are here

Sunday afternoon you can enjoy winter brews from more than a dozen breweries at Winterfest, a production of Collaboration. Ticket prices range from $15 ( a Winterfest stein, you buy the beer)   to $38 ( 10 taster tickets and you better have a designated driver.)   Downtown at the marvelous Belasco Theater, it's here for all you need to know.

And of course Sunday is the Oscars.  Channel 7 (ABC) at  4pm our time.  You can look at the shiny website right over here.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Petition to Extend Summer Break By 1 Week For Many Westside Schools

As of now the LAUSD start date for school year 2012/2013 is August 15th, 2012.  A group of westside parents and educators has started a petition to extend the start date by 1 week, until August 22nd, for the complex of LAUSD schools that includes Palisades Elementary, Marquez Elementary, Canyon Charter Elementary, Kenter Elementary, Topanga Elementary, Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades High School.   The new start date allows the kids to complete their finals before the winter break (a major  reason for pushing the start date to the middle of August in the first place) and gives families one more week of summer vacation, a desire many families share.  The purposed date also brings complex schools into alignment with other area schools (Santa Monica/Malibu and most Independent schools) who will begin their 2012/2013 school year on August 22nd. You may sign the petition here.